Absa Islamic Banking: Taking care of Muslim Travellers

Absa Islamic Banking: Taking care of Muslim Travellers

Absa Islamic Banking has identified a need to offer Muslims the option of Shariah compliant financial products when they travel, so that they have the peace of mind of operating within the dictates of Shariah Law.

Absa Islamic Banking won the 2006 Deal of the Year Award for South Africa from the international publication, Islamic Finance News, for one of its innovative products.

Recently there has been huge interest both in South African and globally in the development of Islamic Banking as an alternative solution for Muslim customers who wish to bank in a Shariah compliant manner.

To satisfy this need, Absa International Banking, in collaboration with ABSA Islamic Banking, has launched Shariah compliant International Banking retail travel products. These products include Travellers Cheques, Foreign Banknotes and the sale of Cash Passport Cards.

The Absa Islamic International Travel Product is delivered in a branded pack that identifies it as being from Absa Islamic Banking, to provide the reassurance Muslims require that their financial travel needs are being catered for in a manner in keeping with Shari’ah law.

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