Oasis innovates to offer a low risk, high yield Islamic income fund

Oasis innovates to offer a low risk, high yield Islamic income fund

Shari’ah compliant investors in the Middle East can look forward to an innovative financial instrument that offers very attractive returns at minimum risk. Launched by Oasis Crescent Capital (DIFC), the award-winning Islamic finance experts, the Oasis Crescent Global Income Fund offers a competitive income yield to investors wanting to minimise their risk, yet at the same time take advantage of investments in high quality and rated short- and long-term Shari’ah- compliant income securities available in global markets.
“The Fund will invest in a global universe of Middle Eastern, European, US and Asian, short-term and long-term income generating instruments and securities listed on international exchanges and with highly rated financial institutions. Our focus will be on high quality, rated instruments and securities that will include sovereign and corporate issues,” said Hassan Motala, Senior Executive Officer of Oasis Crescent Capital (DIFC) Limited.

In the context of a dearth of savings and retirement schemes that can offset the impact of high inflation on professionals living and working in the Middle East, the Oasis Crescent Global Income Fund is aimed at offering them an attractive and low risk new investment opportunity. Oasis offers a low-volatility product range across asset classes, incorporating equities, property and now income funds,” Motala explained.

Oasis’s strategy is to rely on innovation as this will help boost growth and competitiveness in the Islamic finance industry. Traditionally, Shari’ah compliant investors have been offered products that may not have met all their needs and requirements. “The Oasis Group’s low volatility investment style focuses on providing real returns to clients over the long term,” he added.

With Oasis’ global reach, and its track record of experience and expertise, Motala assured investors that they can expect award-winning and innovative Islamic products and services. As an example, the Shari’ah-compliant Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund continues to offer investors industry-leading returns and has been the top performing Islamic global equity fund since inception.

In recognition of its ability to provide consistent returns that are not susceptible to significant market volatility and its emphasis on managing the downside risk in line with its investment philosophy of generating superior returns at lower than market risk, the Oasis has been presented with an award for Best Islamic (Equity) Global Fund 2006 at the first Master of Islamic Funds Awards at the Islamic Funds World 2007 conference held in Dubai.

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