S&P launches Shariah indices

S&P launches Shariah indices

Standard & Poor’s announced the launch of three new benchmark indices designed to help investors track the performance of the largest global universe of more than $20 trillion of Shariah-compliant equities.

“The launch of these new global indices underlines Standard & Poor’s commitment to providing Islamic investors with the widest possible universe of investment options that have been screened for Shariah compliance, and equipping them with the tools they need to quantify their performance,” said Alka Banerjee, Vice President of Index Services at Standard & Poor’s. “Islamic investors are increasingly looking for exposure beyond their local markets in the Middle East and Asia, and Standard & Poor’s Shariah index series provides them with the ability to slice and dice an expanding array of countries and regions by size, style and sector.”

The three new indices S&P LargeCap World Shariah, S&P SmallCap World Shariah and S&P UK Shariah – cover 26 developed markets and join Standard & Poor’s growing line-up of investable sector, region and strategy Shariah indices developed for investors seeking to abide by Islamic law.

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