Shariah-compliant worldwide hotel chain to be launched

Shariah-compliant worldwide hotel chain to be launched

In order to tap the growing Middle East travel market, Dubai-based Almulla Hospitality has planned for an international chain of Islamic hotels, which will develop 150 hotels across the globe, with around 90 in Middle East and Mena region of North Africa, and 60 in other parts of the world with Muslim interests. The group has tied up with UK-based Jasper Capital Group for development of these hotels.

Chairman of Almulla Hospitality, Abdulla Mohamed Saeed Almulla, said, “These hotels will be in strict compliance with the Shariah and will primarily cater to the Islamic community.” He said that this segment is growing at a fast rate responsible for around 10 per cent of global tourism.

He elaborated that these hotels will follow severe observance of universal codes like no-alcohol, no pork, only halal meat, exclusive prayer area with marked Kabah direction, etc. Informing about the various brands of these hotels, Abdulla said, “Our brand scheme is international so that guests can feel the consistency and uniformity. We will name our brands Adham, Cliftonwood and Wings.” The group plans to develop its properties through management contracts, joint ventures and selective acquisitions following different investment arrangements.

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