France wooing Islamic financial institutions

France wooing Islamic financial institutions

champs elysees

France is creating a suitable environment for Islamic financing institutions to operate in the country, the French Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment said here yesterday.

“We have modified the tax environment and are currently in the process of modifying the legal environment to allow for Islamic finance to set up shop in France,” Christine Lagarde told reporters.

She said two major Qatari Islamic financial institutions have already requested for approval to operate in France.

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2 responses to “France wooing Islamic financial institutions

  1. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

    Islamic finance should be considered as set of practices that are for the mutual benefit to all the participants and in line with the inter-faith common prohibition of usury.

  2. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

    It we all are concerned with halting the ecologically hostile expansion of the energy intensive habitats violating the considerations of eco safety and equity,then we need to follow the commands against usury and support the case of the Islamic finance.

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