Why Islamic Finance?

Why Islamic Finance?

What makes Islamic finance different from conventional finance? And what makes it better? We look at 3 real-world examples and find out. We also introduce you to the 4 principles that guide Islamic finance transactions.

At EthicaInstitute.com we believe that many of the world’s problems could be solved by providing alternatives to interest-based banking. If governments, companies, and individuals could focus on something other than repaying mounting debts, the world would be a much better place. We also believe that the industry urgently needs to comprehensively train the many people now entering Islamic finance.

Crash courses are not enough.

What is needed is ongoing, standards-based training for everyone. From single individuals to entire banks. Anytime, anywhere.

In an effort to meet this growing demand for Islamic finance training, we created EthicaInstitute.com, the world’s first dedicated Islamic finance e-learning portal. The site offers training modules, certification, discussion forums, member profiles, a Q&A database, podcasts, and live webinars.

For more training videos go to:


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