Ethica Institute Webinar: Career options in Islamic Banking & Finance

Ethica Institute Webinar: Career options in Islamic Banking & Finance

Learn how you can join the fastest growing sector in banking today! At a time when the financial industry struggles to recover from the global financial crisis, Islamic finance emerges the most resilient. Banks are still hiring in this exciting sector and new countries continue to develop their Islamic finance expertise. Demand for students and professionals continues to grow! Watch’s latest webinar “Career Options In Islamic Banking & Finance” to:

  1. Figure out what kind of Islamic banking job suits you.
  2. Learn how to connect with the right people.
  3. Gain the right kind of experience before applying for Islamic finance jobs.

2 responses to “Ethica Institute Webinar: Career options in Islamic Banking & Finance

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  2. i did certification from this institute relly good institute now iam doing MBA from AIMS College UK

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