Annual AAOIFI conference in December 2010

Annual AAOIFI conference in December 2010


The Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) has announced that it would hold its annual conference on Islamic banking and finance next month.

The event, from December 1 to 2, will be held at the Crowne Plaza.

It is being organised in co-operation with the World Bank and participation of the National Commercial Bank under the auspices of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

It further emphasises Bahrain’s world leadership in the Islamic finance industry on the final day of the WIBC.

"AAOIFI is proud to organise such a high-level annual conference which addresses important topics and issues related to accounting and Sharia audit," said secretary general Dr Mohamad Nedal Alchaar.

"The conference is a key source of knowledge and information for businessmen, financiers and Sharia scholars.

"This year, we will discuss a number of topics, including corporate governance requirements for Sharia supervisory boards, conflicts between fatwas issued by different boards, addressing insolvencies in Islamic financial institutions, challenges in the capital markets, non-compatibility of certain international standards with Islamic financial transactions as well as applying Wa’ad "promise" and Irboon "earnest money" in Islamic financial transactions.

"These topics will be addressed by distinguished professionals," he added.

The conference will be followed from December 3 to 6 by intensive training courses under the Certified Sharia Adviser and Auditor programme, which includes Sharia compliance and review of processes in Islamic financial institutions, Sharia standards issued by AAOIFI on Islamic financial instruments and practices.

The main sponsors of the conference are Bahrain Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Banking Group, Jordan Islamic bank, Kuwait Finance House, Ithmar Bank, Gulf Commercial Bank, Path Solutions and ITS.

The AAOIFI is a Bahrain-based international autonomous not-for-profit organisation whose role is to develop accounting, auditing, ethics, governance and Sharia standards for Islamic financial institutions.


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