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Fifth Annual Islamic Business & Finance Industry Awards To Take Place In December

Fifth Annual Islamic Business & Finance Industry Awards To Take Place In December

Islamic business and finance is experiencing strong growth, particularly throughout the emerging market economies of Asia and the GCC, with increasing institutional and infrastructural support. Recognizing the economic advantages and benefits reaped throughout Asia and the GCC, the industry is becoming a vital and competitive alternative to conventional finance systems throughout the world.  

To highlight the phenomenal performance and development of the Islamic finance industry, CPI Financial, publisher of Islamic Business & Finance magazine, will be hosting the fifth annual Islamic Business and Finance Awards in Dubai on 21st December. These Awards are recognized around the world as one of the most distinguished Awards Programmes within the financial industry.

"Since their inception, the Islamic Business and Finance Awards have been setting the benchmark for successful Islamic financial institutions and experts from around the world and the region," says Dominic De Sousa, Chairman of CPI Financial.

A total of 30 accolades will be presented at the Islamic Business and Finance Awards.  Shortlists for the various Shari’ah-compliant banks and financial institutions are being compiled by an international panel of judges comprised of leading experts and consultants in the industry. The individual awards presented for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry, ‘Islamic Banker of the Year’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement’, are ‘write-in’ awards that require the voters to nominate the individual most deserving of the accolade.

"At a global level, the significance and rising attraction of Islamic finance is transforming today’s financial world. The industry has proved to be a stable and promising finance sector, growing by 15-20 per cent over the past decade," says Robin Amlôt, Managing Editor of CPI Financial.

Many are seeing that Shari’ah-compliant financial systems encompass a comprehensive screening process, greater transparency and a need to understand the nature of the investment rather than just focusing on returns.  In turn, this ensures built-in checks and balances that create a more stable financial institution.  

"Islamic assets are now worth around $1 trillion and with a global Muslim population of nearly two billion people we are seeing a clear shift in preferences towards Islamic finance. Up to 50 per cent of all Muslim  savings are likely to be  held by Islamic banks by 2020," Amlôt adds.

In response to the extraordinary growth rate of Islamic financial institutions, the Islamic Business and Finance Awards continue to draw industry attention and an ever-increasing audience. Being held on 21st December at the Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai, the Awards ceremony will honour the exceptional performance of various global and regional organisations as well as distinguished individuals within the Islamic finance industry.


Dow Jones Indexes Named Most Outstanding Islamic Index Provider

Dow Jones Indexes Named Most Outstanding Islamic Index Provider


Dow Jones Indexes, a leading global index provider, today announced that it has been named "Most Outstanding Islamic Index Provider" by the Centre for Research and Training (CERT) in collaboration with Messrs. Hisham, Sobri & Kadir (HSK), the Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM), the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) and the International Institute of Islamic Finance (IIIF). The objective of the award is to honor and appreciate Dow Jones Indexes’ efforts and significant contribution in developing the Islamic Finance sector.

"Our Dow Jones Islamic Market index series has become the global standard for measuring Shari’ah-compliant equities. Market participants world-wide highly appreciate our leadership and commitment to providing objective, comprehensive and reliable Islamic indexes," said Michael A. Petronella, president, Dow Jones Indexes. "This award bears yet again testimony to Dow Jones Indexes’ cutting-edge indexing initiatives for the Islamic Finance market space."

The award was issued at the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF), which is an annual event hosted by CERT in collaboration with HSK, AIBIM, MTA and the IIIF.

In the past seven years, the Dow Jones Islamic Market index series has won 21 industry awards by organizations, research institutions and magazines around the world; among them are the International Islamic Finance Forum, the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum, the Islamic Center of Southern California, Global Finance magazine, Islamic Business & Finance magazine, Islamic Finance News and Incisive Media.

The Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes were introduced in 1999 as the first indexes intended to measure the global universe of investable equities that pass screens for Shari’ah compliance. With more than 100 indexes, the series is the most comprehensive family of Islamic market measures and includes regional, country, and industry indexes, all of which are subsets of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index.

An independent Shari’ah Supervisory Board counsels Dow Jones Indexes on matters related to the compliance of index-eligible companies. To determine their eligibility for the Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes, stocks are screened based on their industry type and their financial ratios. Excluded are companies engaged in the following lines of business: alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products, financial services, defense/weapons and entertainment. Also excluded are companies for which the following financial ratios are 33% or more: debt divided by trailing 24-month average market capitalization; cash plus interest-bearing securities divided by trailing 24-month average market capitalization; and accounts receivables divided by trailing 24-month average market capitalization.

There are currently more than 150 licensees with more than US$7 billion in assets linked to the Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes.

Vote for Take 2 minutes to show your support

Vote for Take 2 minutes to show your support

Dear all, is a pioneering Islamic finance training institution offering 100% online certified training in Islamic finance that is wholly based on the most accredited standards in the world. was nominated as “Best Training Institution” by the Islamic Business and Finance Awards, the leading award-giving body in the Islamic finance industry. This is an unprecedented achievement in just the first year of their launch.

Please show your support by voting for them.

The voting procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Go to and on the left hand side of the homepage under “Apply To Our Newsletter” type in your email address and click on “Subscribe.”

Step 2: Then on the same homepage click on the “Vote Now” banner and scroll down to “Best Training Institution.” Select, fill in your details, and hit “Submit.”


How does your vote make the world a better place?

A vote for IslamicAdvisory is a vote for standardized Islamic finance certification for the whole world, not just the major financial centers. For the first time in history, anyone with Internet access and a deep desire to learn the essentials of Islamic finance, receives AAOIFI-based training 24 hours a day.

We believe that many of the world’s problems could be solved by providing alternatives to interest-based banking. If governments, companies, and individuals could focus on something other than repaying mounting debts, the world would be a much better place. We also believe that the industry urgently needs to comprehensively train the many people now entering Islamic finance.

Crash courses are not enough. And in many ways a crash course can do more harm than good. What is needed is ongoing, standards-based training for everyone. From single individuals to entire banks.

And is the only organization around today that delivers accredited Islamic finance training 100% online. That means cost-effective, scalable training for a global industry.

To see our latest press release (“ Launches First Online Islamic Finance Certificate”) just click here. nominated for ‘Best Training Institution’ Award from Islamic Business & Finance Awards nominated for ‘Best Training Institution’ Award from Islamic Business & Finance Awards


We are thrilled to announce that has been nominated "Best Training Institution" by Islamic Business & Finance Awards, the industry’s leading award-granting body. To receive this honor so soon after our launch is as gratifying as it is unexpected. Keep the prayers coming.

Mark your calendars and register to vote for us at after September 25th.

In celebration, we’d like to have an award of our own. Write a 300 word entry explaining why you think is the "Best Training Institution" and email it to The winning entry joins us at the gala dinner, a $260 value, on November 25th at the Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai, and we post the entry in our blog.

Atif R. Khan
Managing Director
Islamic Finance Training. Online.

Unicorn Investment Bank CEO declared “Banker of the Year”

Unicorn Investment Bank CEO declared “Banker of the Year”


Majid Al Sayed Bader Al Refai, the Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Unicorn Investment Bank, has been named ‘Banker of the Year’ as part of the Banker Middle East Industry Awards for 2009. The awards are based on peer recommendations and are designed to recognise and reward excellence throughout the global Islamic finance community.

Al Refai is considered to be one of the pioneers of Islamic finance and has been an active proponent of the industry for over 20 years.

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