Introductory literature on Islamic finance. Compiled by Atif Reza Khan, Director, Islamic Advisory Group (


1. Shariah Standards for Accounting and Auditing for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI, Bahrain)

The latest industry standards

2. An Introduction to Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice

An excellent introduction to Islamic finance

3. An Introduction to Islamic Finance, Mufti Taqi Usmani

A straightforward primer on the topic

4. The Problem with Interest, Tariq El Dewany

Amusing historical context

5. Financial Transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence, Sheikh Wahba al-Zuhayli

A comprehensive study of rulings and their proofs

6. Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmed Ibn Naqib al Misri

An indispensable traditional legal reference

7. Meezan Bank Guide to Islamic Banking, Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani

An overview of the major products and their practical applications

8. Compendium of Legal Opinions on the Operations of Islamic Banks, Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo

A compilation of common fatwas relating to Islamic banks

9. Anthology of Islamic Banking, Asma Siddiqi

A collection of essays by leading industry practitioners

10. The Historic Judgment on Interest, Mufti Taqi Usmani

A straightforward response to modernist appeals to legitimize Riba. An absolute must for a newcomer to the field

11. Islamic Law of Business Organization Partnerships, Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee

A detailed primer on partnerships

12. Islam and Economic Development, Muhammad Umer Chapra

13. Partnership and Profit-Sharing in Islam, Nejatullah Siddiqi

14. Our Socio-Economic Order, Mufti Taqi Usmani

22 responses to “Booklist

  1. Who runs this website? Keep up the good work! How about an article about getting into the Islamic Finance industry.



  2. Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, Aziz.

    Thank you for your comment. I am a student of accountancy and finance from Pakistan. This blog was set up with the aim to be a “knowledge-center” on the Islamic Finance industry. Your suggestion is excellent; Insha Allah we will attempt to write something on this topic.

    Take care and salams,

    • Sājidh Buhary

      A. Slm. A. W. W.
      I’m a student of Islamic finance and studies from Sri Lanka…
      Can I contact you via whatsapp?

  3. Mahmood Shafqat

    This is a good list which may be further expanded by including books from website of IRTI, most of them are freely available on their site Further, the complete Riba Judgement of Supreme Court is available on the website of, which needs to be added. Moreover, a link to IFSB website containing regulatory standards for Islamic finanancial instiutions may also be added. A wealth of free literature is also available on the web on this subject. Keep up the good work.

  4. Salams,

    Gud work keep it up!

    One course which I can recommend is from Institue of Islamic Banking in London
    it is a distance learning course. The course is very effective in introducing Islamic principles.(link attached)

    So all da best!

  5. dear haris

    thanx for such a nice blog. may Allah give you strength to continue it


  6. I have loved your site for its useful and funny content and simple design.,

  7. Excellent informative website and Islamic Finance booklist reccomendations, I could only add “Basic Mechanics of Islamic Capitalism” (ISBN 978-988-17217-2-3) to the list.
    Yours truly,
    The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  8. ehh… bookmarked..

  9. Adeel Abdul Razzak

    Dear Haris

    I really apprecaite the hard work that you have put in the site. It clearly reflects your dedication towards Islamic finance
    I would like to know from where can i get the books in Karachi recomended by you

  10. Muhammad Moiz Saify

    Asslamulaikum Haris,

    You have initiated good work for the awareness of the Islamic banking. Keep going brother. I just want to know that whether or not you have worked on the journal entries regarding all of the Islamic banking products so that we can easily assess the difference between the conventional accounting entries (debts and other financial products) and Islamic banking products (sukook, musharka etc).

    Based on my understanding, Islamic banking follows AAOIFI so please if you can reply the accounting entries of Sukuk according to AAOIFI or send me any sort of website link through with I can understanding the accounting entries.


  11. thank you for the resource rich information, i just wanted to note that the following is a broken link:

    9. Anthology of Islamic Banking, Asma Siddiqi

    A collection of essays by leading industry practitioners

    jazakAllah khayran

  12. Haris
    I am residing In khi,
    I would like to speak to you , reagrding some courses…
    How do I contact you?

  13. Assalamu’ Alaikum!
    Nice work brother. Keep it up.
    Just to ask you that have you ever come across the work of Sheikh Imran Hosein…..?????

  14. wel done….!!! more to improve…

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  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I
    am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  17. Assalamu Alaikum

    I am currently following a Certificate Course in Islamic Banking and Finance via on line from an institute called AIMS Collage in UK. I have been in the field of IT for the last 25 years and have decided to go into Islamic Banking with the intention of propagating a solution that Islam has and yet to offer to the entire world at its full potential in order to share its full benefit.

    I am 47 years of age and what are the prospects or if I say ‘potentials’ that future holds for me, if I continued in this field?

    Do you have any comment on the recognition of the above said institute in UK?


    imran SALAHUDDIN

  18. Mohammad LLaeeq ashrafi Ajk

    Aslam o alikum
    please tell me about Fore X &Islamic Fore X with detail
    M .Laeeq ashrafi from azad kashmir

  19. Mohammad LLaeeq ashrafi Ajk

    Aslam o Alykum
    Please tell me abut For X & Islamic Fore X Hilal or Haram With detail

  20. I would add to the reading list : Islamic Banking and Interest
    A Study of the Prohibition of Riba and its Contemporary Interpretation
    Studies in Islamic Law and Society, Volume: 2
    Author: Abdullah Saeed
    It is based on his PhD thesis and is a modernist view – riba from the time of the prophet is not the same as interest in modern regulated financial markets.

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